May 06, 2013

New Crop Arrival & GrainPro

By Andrew Smart

Great news folks, we have received new crop Guatemala Guaya'b.  This is one of the constant stars in our single origin offering, last year winning a Silver Medal in the NZ Coffee Awards, and this crop may raise to new heights as the coffee now comes wrapped in GrainPro.  GrainPro, initially developed for the seed and grain industry, adds another barrier to protect the properties of the coffee, retaining it's optimum aroma and flavour for longer.  GrainPro makes complete sense when buying better quality coffee,  and approximately three quarters of our coffee is now packed in GrainPro.   

GrainPro preserves the coffee in several key ways, firstly it acts as a moisture barrier, coffee dries out as it ages due to fluctuations in heat and humidity, and as the moisture is lost, so is flavour. With the hermetic GrainPro barrier in place the moisture content of the bean is much more stable and flavour loss is dramatically slowed. Secondly, the plastic liner is airtight, meaning that the coffee is not exposed to oxygen, therefore the oils and volatile flavour components within it are less likely to oxidise or escape. Lastly GrainPro is protection from other undesirable elements, such as strong odours which easily permeate into the coffee and unwanted moisture which can spoil the coffee. Coffee in GrainPro does still age, but the process is slowed down significantly, allowing us to enjoy the optimum flavour of the coffee for longer. You can open a bag of coffee that was packed 5 or 6 months ago and still smell that fresh green aroma.