Brazil Ademir Abreu Pulped Natural

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Producer: Ademir Abreu Lacerda

Farm: Sítio Forquilha do Rio

Varietal: Red Catuaí

Process: Pulped natural dried on raised beds

Region: Serra do Caparaó

Altitude: 1.250 M 

Flavours of Almond Brittle, Cacao Nibs

The family property is located on the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santos. As a potato, onion and corn producer back in the 1950s, Afonso’s grandfather introduced coffee to his farm production back at a time where coffees were still purchased as a cherry. Around 1970s, Onofre Lacerda who’s Afonso’s father, aquired part of the property and began the coffee production by working on his own.

Only in 1995 that his three sons started working on the production and helped improve the labour force. Since the beggining, Onofre was focused on quality versus quantity, regardless if the market price would remain the same. At the regional festival called “Festa do Paraiso”, Onofre was awarded at the agricultural competitions for the quality of his productions including potato and onions.

In 2005, Lacerda family was exposed to courses, seminars and thecnical advices promoted by INCAPER, an Agrobusiness Institute from Espirito Santos State, to support producers interested in developing better practices and improve their coffee quality. By 2010, Lacerda family was for the first time doing pulped natural process experiments.

The Lacerda’s family promotes the protection of the preserved areas surrounding their property and at the coffee competition in 2011 they were awarded as a “Estate Model” in regards to sustainable pratices. Additionally they are involved in a project with IAC (Campinas Agronomic Institute) to improve genetic development of the Yellow Caparao varietal.


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