Brazil Ipanema Peach

Suitable for:

Region:  Minas Gerais
Farm:  Fazenda Rio Verde
Altitude:  1,029 m.a.s.l
Process:  Raisin
Varietals:  Yellow Bourbon

Moderate body, balanced sweetness & acidity with flavours of yellow peach, macadamia & honey

Surrounded by 900 hectares with forests, environmental protection areas and 51 springs, our coffee fields are spread over more than 650 hectares. Among its 69 Terroirs of Fazenda Rio Verde, we chose the best 32 to be part of the Premier Cru. The varieties are only Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon and Red Acaia with minimum altitude of 1,000 meters. In an outstanding milling facility, filled with technology, we can produce the best coffees.