Costa Rica Limonal Natural - Filter Roast

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Farm:  Limonal, San Gabriel de Aserri
Region:  Tarrazu
Altitude:  1,450 m.a.s.l
Process:  Natural
Varietal:  Marsellesa

Flavours of Toffee, Apple, Red Grape


A natural processed coffee which starts its processing method by removing the floating cherries, ensuring defective cherries are immediately removed from the harvest, in turn improving the quality and cleanliness of this coffee compared to other naturally processed coffees that skip this step. Removing the floats from the harvest assists in removing undesired bacteria and yeast which exist in the freshly picked coffee offering a cleaner fermentation.

The coffee is then rested for 6 hours before it's moved to drying beds located in a greenhouse. This drying process offers a fantastic ambient temperature for fermentation but also allows fresh wind to enter the greenhouse during the summer months. The coffee will stay in the greenhouse until it reaches the optimum humidity for storage.  Then the coffee is left to cool down in a dry shaded area before being packed and dispatched.

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