Mr White 

This is the blend we use for milk based espresso beverages. It is made up of 3 single origins, they are:

  • El Salvador San Emilio
  • Sumatra Dolok Sanggul
  • Brazil Moreninha Formosa

This is a full flavoured blend to ensure that the coffee flavour is still prominent when mixed with milk. The flavour profile is as follows:

  • Full flavoured with good body and depth 
  • Cocoa and butterscotch flavour with an undertone of light spice.
  • Complemented by a dark toffee sweetness. 

Mr Black 

This is one of the blends we use for black espresso based beverages. It is made up of 3 origins, they are:

  • Brazil Moreninha Formosa
  • Guatemala Guaya'b 
  • Uganda Gumutindo

This is a complex coffee with broad sweetness, bright notes and delicate tones.  Mr Black is designed to give the espresso drinker a greater complexity of balanced flavours, while still providing good body and crema. The flavour profile for Mr Black is as follows:

  • Medium body with good sweetness and complexity.
  • Evident cocoa tones blend well with caramel and nut flavours. 
  • Desirable brightness is accompanied by fantastic wine and fruit notes. 

Mrs Green 

Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Suitable for all forms of coffee preparation. The origins in this coffee are:

  • Guatemala Guaya'b
  • Uganda Gumutindo

Mrs Green provides distinct flavours, all elements are very active in the profile, giving the taste fantastic complexity.  This coffee is also a great allrounder, good for espresso but also has fullness and depth in the flavour to cut through milk.  The flavour profile features:

  • Medium to full body that has a slightly syrupy mouthfeel.
  • Underlying caramel, wheat and dried fruit flavour.
  • The flavour profile is accentuated by a subtle citrus and floral overtones.