Colombia El Diviso - Microlot

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Farmer:  Nelson Rodriguez
Farm:  El Diviso
Region:  Huila
Altitude:  1,700 m.a.s.l.
Process:  Washed, 15-24 hours fermentation (without water)
Drying:   Raised beds in parabolic drier for 15 days
Varietal:  Caturra

Layered mouthfeel, medium body, flavours of white peach, golden cane sugar and subtle lavender.

Pitalito is famous in Colombia for being one of the most consistent producers of high-quality speciality coffee. It's rich biodiversity, countless natural water sources and protection from high winds created by the surrounding mountains, make it a perfect micro-climate for coffee production.
Coffee production is one of the supporting pillars of Huila's economy; thousands of families depend on coffee as the primary source of income; hence, they have become experts in coffee farming, combining practical agronomy with traditional techniques handed down through generations. Nelson Rodriguez is one of these producers; committed to producing the highest quality coffee he can. Finca El Diviso has both Caturra and Colombia F6 varieties, which he picks separately. Nelson picks the Colombia varietal at a much darker shade of ripeness than his caturra, recognising that it needs to be the shade of dark plum, rather than the standard cherry red. By allowing his coffee to mature to it's greatest potential, Nelson can create an incredibly complex coffee, sometimes unfound in the Colombia varietal.
Nelson ferments his coffee in a tiled tank for 15-24 hours, depending on the temperature of the day. Cooler temperatures allow the coffee to take longer to ferment, meaning the coffee has a better potential of infusing all the flavours from the cherry pulp into the final product. The parchment is dried in the sun on raised beds under the shade of a parabolic dryer, not too dissimilar to a green house, but plastic. Nelson's parabolic dryer can be manipulated quickly in case drastic changes of temperature are needed; all four sides of the dryer roll up, creating free movement of air, which can either cool or heat the parchment in a matter of minutes.


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