Colombia San Antonio - Microlot

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Farmer:  Humberto Rodriguez
Farm:  San Antonio
Region:  Narino
Altitude:  1,800 - 1,900 metres
Process:  Washed, 10-12 hours fermentation
Drying:  Sun dried, 10-15 days
Varietal:  Caturra, Castillo

Layered mouthfeel, medium body, flavours of toffee brittle, caramelised peach and golden cane sugar.

This micro-plot is composed of two coffee varieties: Caturra and Castillo. Both coffee varieties are short-statured which facilitates its collection and irrigation (if needed). Although both varieties are similar in their physical characteristics, such as height, the shape of the tree, and the colour of the leaves; there are few differences among them. The most important is the resistance to coffee leaf rust. The Caturra variety is susceptible to the coffee leaf rust fungus while the Castillo variety is not. For this reason, the cultivation of Caturra requires more care than the cultivation of the Castillo variety, which possesses a natural resistance to coffee leaf rust. Despite this disadvantage, the Caturra variety is very common in Colombia since Colombian coffee growers have been growing it for many years before the development of resistant strains to the fungus.  Cultivation of coffee leaf rust-resistant varieties began on Colombian plantations after the 1980s. Even so, they did not replace all the crops to other varieties. Coffee growers with years of experience in the management of these types of crops know that with proper care and technology, you can produce excellent coffee with outstanding quality and aroma. An example of this is the
exquisite and delicate coffee produced by Humberto Rodríguez.


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