Ethiopia Kochere Boji - Natural - 250g/1kg

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Region: Southern Nations, Kochere District 
Altitude: 1790-1900 m.a.s.l
Washing Station: Boji
Varietal: Heirloom Yirgacheffe  
Process: Natural

Ripe Strawberry aroma
Flavours of Milk Chocolate, Stewed Rhubarb & Grapefruit

Boji is a privately owned washing station in Kochere, named after the kebele where it is located.  Kochere is a sub-region of Ethiiopia's famous Yirgacheffe coffee producing area.  The altitude is high and chilly despite being in the tropical belt.  When the small holder farmers submit their coffee to the mill it is then de-pulped, fermented in concrete tanks for 48 hours using spring water and dried on raised african beds.

This is a wonderful natural process coffee characteristic of the Yirgacheffe region showing great fruit sweetness, some citrus zing and floral notes.

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