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Espresso Workshop Coffee Roasters

Kenya Karatina AB

Kenya Karatina AB


Region: Nyeri County

Farm: Karatina Coffee Factory

Altitude: 1650 meters above sea level

Varietal: Ruiru 11, SL28, Batian

Process: Washed

Sizes: 250 / 1kg

Flavours: Blackberry, Assam Tea, Sugarcane


Karatina is one of four factories that composes Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society (BFCS).

BFCS members are trained in Good Agricultural Practices. An agronomist teaches sustainable farming methods and how to reduce the use of agro-chemicals which protects the health of coffee workers. The society's goal is to educate farmers on crop husbandry and other agricultural practices crucial for cultivating coffee. 

At Karatina Factory, the cherries undergo a meticulous fully washing process, utilizing fresh water from the Ragati River and then sundried on raised beds. Following the pulping stage, the coffee undergoes an overnight fermentation process. The coffee travels through channels to reach the soaking tank where it undergoes careful cleaning, soaking and is then spread out on raised drying beds.

BFCS is committed to their goal of empowering the farmers through education, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and promoting the rich heritage of coffee cultivation in the region. The Society is currently 1,450 members strong and produces 85% of the regions specialty coffee. 

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