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Colombia Embrujo Mr. Hat

Colombia Embrujo Mr. Hat


Region: Anserma, Caldas

Farm: Finca La Palmera (El Embrujo)

Farmer: Ignacio Rodriguez

Altitude: 1450 - 1900 meters above sea level

Varietal: Castillo, Variedad Colombia

Process: Natural

Sizes: 250 / 1kg

Flavours: Cherry Liqueur Chocolate, Tropical Fruits


In 1969, Ignacio’s father purchased a modest 3-hectare plot known as Finca La Palmera. By the time Ignacio took over, the estate had expanded to an impressive 165 hectares. Determined to enhance the quality and consistency of their coffee, Ignacio invested in building a laboratory and a microbiology lab. These facilities allow him to understand the coffee production process at a biological level, ensuring superior processing techniques and exceptional flavour in every cup.

Finca La Palmera is situated in the Caldas region, part of the renowned Eje Cafetero, or Colombian Coffee Growing Axis. The estate not only focuses on high-quality coffee but also on the well-being of its workers. Ignacio has established rooming houses for the workers, providing them with three meals a day and paying them a premium wage.

Additionally, in a bid to promote sustainable farming practices, Ignacio saves the pulp from coffee processing and uses it as fertilizer. This initiative aims to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by 20-25%.
Besides coffee, Finca La Palmera also cultivates avocados and maize, diversifying its agricultural output. Water used in processing coffee is repurposed for irrigating corn crops, reflecting Ignacio’s commitment to sustainability. The processing operations are powered entirely by renewable energy from solar panels, and efforts are ongoing to transition to processing methods that use less water. 

The name “Embrujo” translates to “spell” in Spanish, embodying Ignacio’s belief that truly excellent specialty coffee can evoke a sense of magic for those who drink it. This dedication to creating an enchanting coffee experience is evident in every aspect of the estate’s operations, from sustainable practices to the meticulous care in processing.
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