Special Release: Brazil 'Tropicália' Microlot by Fazenda Jaguara

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Region: Minas Gerais - Brazil

Farm: Fazenda Jaguara

Altitude: 1,040 meters above sea level

Varietal: Acaia

Process: Natural - Anerobic Fermentation

Flavours of Tropical Fruit, Red Grape, Butterscotch

Wow, have we got a treat for you to kick your summer off on the right foot.  Not only have we released our Festive Blend for the summer holidays but we’ve backed it up with this amazing new single origin filter roast.  Welcome TROPICALIA!  From our friends in Brazil, Natalia & Andre at Fazenda Jaguara, Natalia and Andre produced this specialty microlot for us, which they named “crazy coffee”, it’s crazy in a great way, think tropical fruit (papaya & pineapple) backed up with red grape and a winey influence, last but not least top it off with some wonderful butterscotch sweetness.  This Acaia varietal was processed by natural anaerobic fermentation and dried on the patio for 40 days, absorbing all that warm Brazilian sunshine and creating a delicious fruit driven coffee.

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