Why Soft Brew?

The question we often get asked is why opt for a soft brewed coffee (eg. V60 pourover, chemex, syphon, aeropress) when espresso can deliver such a satisfying beverage.  Well certainly one method is not to replace another!  We drink soft brewed coffee to enjoy the pure flavour characteristics of a single origin coffee.  Espresso produces a very intense experience, but its faster and more pressurised extraction amplifies certain properties of a coffee and therefore does not always suit all quality coffees.  Soft brewing is a more gentle brew to consume and does not need any sugar or milk to balance its flavour.  The advancement of soft brewing devices is not a step back into the past of bad filter coffee but in fact heralds the progression and development of the coffee industry.  In addition soft brewing has helped coffee growers progress by placing more emphasis on producing cleaner coffees with more unique flavour qualities.

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