New PNG in our Mr White Blend

We have a new PNG coffee in our Mr White blend called Kongo Premium B, farmed by smallholders in Chimbu (Simbu), the third largest coffee producing province of Papua New Guinea.

Kongo Coffee is PNG's premier coffee company, rurally based and indigenously owned. Kongo has access to most of the farmers annual green bean production. Based in Kundiawa, the capital of Chimbu, local coffee experts with 20+ years' experience live and work among the community to help address problems that affect their everyday lives and help to improve them. 

Image by Bea Amaya

Along with educating farmers, Kongo Coffee are also generating greater value capture by investing in roasting and packaging equipment to sell their premium specialty coffee domestically.

"The coffee commodity is continuously faced with various disruptive environmental, social, political, and economic forces. Most of these disruptors are borne by the coffee producing countries that supply the rest of the world. Global warming has reduced viable coffee growing areas and increased the risk of coffee diseases and pests. A volatile commodity price and no guaranteed sale for a years’ worth of growing, coffee farming is far from easy. Yet still despite all this, coffee farming is fundamental for job creation and reducing poverty in all coffee producing countries." - Langdon Coffee Merchants

The drawings below were made by Smathg, Boki and Gideon, (respectively) students at Kongo Elementary School, shared to us by our supplier and hoa at Langdon Coffee Merchants.
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