AeroPress Brewing Guide


This recipe is for brewing AeroPress using the "inverted method". The brewing ratio followed is 1:15.


Step One
Fill your kettle with filtered water and switch it on. If not, heat the water to boiling and then wait a few minutes before using it. Do not use distilled or chlorinated water as they will compromise the coffee flavours.

Step Two
Weigh out 15 grams of coffee and grind to a medium setting.

Step Three
Remove the filter cap from the bottom chamber (cylinder). Place the paper filter in the filter cap and thoroughly rinse with hot water.

Step Four
Take the plunger (top cylinder) and push the rubber end into the smooth end of the chamber (bottom cylinder) just about 1cm in.

Step Five
Flush the chamber with hot water and empty.

Step Six
Place the AeroPress on the scale and tare. Add 15g of freshly ground coffee into the chamber, level off and tare the scale.

Step Seven
Pour 100g of water and give the grounds a good stir to allow them to get fully wet. As you start pouring the hot water on top of the ground coffee, start the timer.

Step Eight
Pour the remaining 130 grams of water and stir.
The final weight reading on the scale should be 230 grams.
Step Seven and Eight should take a max of 30 seconds.

Step Nine
Allow the coffee to sit undisturbed for at least 1:30 - 2 minutes. A shorter brew time will produce a brighter cup (2 minutes) and a longer brew time will produce a sweeter cup (up to 4 minutes).

Step Ten
Attach the filter cap with the paper filter to the chamber. Turn the AeroPress and rest it on a metal jug or a sturdy mug.

Step Eleven
Gently but firmly and slowly, push the plunger down until it is completely pressed against the coffee grounds. This should take at least 30 seconds. If you can see brewed coffee coming out of the sides of the filter cap, you are pushing too hard.

Step Twelve
Lift the AeroPress from your jug/mug and discard the filter paper and spent ground coffee.

Serve and enjoy.