Chemex Brewing Guides


This recipe is for a Chemex 3 - 6 cup and the brewing ratio followed is 1:17/18. If you wish to use different quantities of coffee and water in your recipe, please note that the strength and flavours in the cup will be affected by this.


Step One
Fill your kettle with filtered water and switch it on. If you have a temperature controlled kettle, heat the water to 95° - 96°C. If not, heat the water to boiling and then wait a few minutes before using it. Do not use distilled or chlorinated water as they will compromise the coffee flavours.

Step Two
Weigh out 30g of coffee and grind to a coarse setting.

Step Three
Place the paper filter in the Chemex and thoroughly rinse with hot water (position the filter so that the side with three folds is against the spout). Empty the water from the server.

Step Four
Position the Chemex on the scale and tare. Pour 30g of freshly ground coffee in the Chemex. Tare the scale.

Step Five
Start the timer and pour 100g of water on top of the ground coffee and give the grounds a good stir to allow them to get fully wet.

Step Six
Allow the coffee to 'bloom' (or swell up) for 30 seconds. This essential step allows the coffee to de-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee.

Step Seven
After 30 seconds, start pouring more water on top of the ground coffee in a circular motion. Be careful not to pout on the walls of the brewer as this will compromise the extraction.

The final weight reading on the scale should be 500g.

Step Eight
Give the liquid a gentle swirl and let it drip through. The brew time from start to finish should be 3:30 - 5 minutes.

Step Nine
Once the liquid disappears from above the grounds, the brew is finished. Lift the filter paper with the spent ground coffee from the Chemex and discard.

Step Ten
Swirl the coffee in the Chemex, serve and enjoy.