Plunger Brewing Guide


This recipe is to produce 1 litre of filter coffee using 60 grams of ground coffee. The ratio in use is 1:17.


Step One
Boil a kettle of filtered water. If you are using a temperature controlled kettle, heat the water to 95°C - 96°C, if not boil and leave to stand for a few minutes before using it.

Step Two
Using your scale, weigh out 60g of coffee and grind it at a very course setting.

Step Three
Rinse the plunger with some hot water and discard.

Step Four
Place the plunger on the scale and tare. Add the 60g of coffee.

Step Five
Tare the scale and add 1 litre (or 1000 grams) of water and stir.

Step Six
Wait 3:30 - 4 minutes then attach the mesh plunger on the top of the beaker and slowly plunge down.

Serve and enjoy.