Stovetop Brewing Guide


This is a brew ratio of 1:12 but you may adjust according to the coffee and your personal preference.The wonderful thing about stovetop coffee is it's flexibility, both light roasts and medium roasts can taste fantastic through stovetop extraction.


Step One

Fill the base of the stovetop (the boiler) with 300mL of water - you can use the scale or fill to just below the pressure valve.

Step Two

Place your filter funnel on the scale and add 30g of coffee - don't tamp the coffee but leave it quite loose.

Step Three

Insert the filter funnel into the boiler and attach the top part of the stovetop (the collector). Make sure the two chambers are screwed in tightly.

Step Four

Place the stovetop on the heat source - keep the heat setting low/low flame.
Need an induction plate? Click here.

Step Five

Allow the coffee to percolate into the collecting chamber but remove from the heat source as soon as you the 'sputtering sound' (this sound tells you that the water in the boiler is all gone) - don't overheat the coffee or you'll have unpleasant bitter flavours in the cup.

Step Six

Stir the coffee in the top chamber before serving. 

Enjoy your stovetop coffee!
At the end of the brewing, you will have approximately 180mL of freshly brewed coffee.