Stovetop Brewing Guide

The first thing to acknowledge is that stovetop coffee is not espresso, so don't model your preparation on what happens with espresso preparation however stovetop does deliver a result closer to espresso than most other brewing methods... which is one reason why its so popular!

Step 1
Pour filtered water into the base unit of the stovetop and fill until the base of the valve.  Do not cover the valve otherwise the pressure valve cannot release any excess pressure build up.

Step 2
Fill your brew basket with freshly ground (medium-fine) coffee and settle coffee grind by tapping the side of the basket with your finger, this ensures there are no gaps or air pockets.  There is no need to compress it, the pressure is not the same as an espresso machine and compressing the grind is likely to over-extract the coffee.

Step 3
Place the brew basket into the bottom section and screw the top section onto the base. Do not over-tighten.

Step 4
Place your stovetop onto the heat source.

Step 5
After a short period of time, about 4 minutes if you used cold water, coffee will begin to appear from the spout and will flow into the top chamber. It’s at this point we need to monitor the extraction.

Step 6
We want water to pass through the coffee at a gradual rate, so ensure the heat is not too high and lower if necessary. When the chamber is almost full take off the heat but do not serve until you have made sure that no more water is coming through.

Serve and enjoy.