The stovetop is a brewing method that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee. It was patented for the first time in Italy by an engineer named Alfonso Bialetti. The stovetop delivers a brew with a stronger body and intense flavours.

What you'll need:
A grinder
A scale
A stovetop brewer
Filtered water

For a 4 cup stovetop, we recommend using 12g of coffee and 200mL of water.
For a 6 cup, the recipe is 18g of coffee and 300mL of water.
For a 10 cup, the recipe is 32g of coffee and 550mL of water.
The brew ratio is 1:17.

Step 1
Fill the base of the stovetop with hot filtered water. Fill to just under the pressure valve.
Step 2
Fill your brew basket with freshly ground coffee. Let the coffee sit quite loose.
The grind should be a medium size. If too fine, the water will take longer to pass through the ground coffee and you might experience some bitterness in the cup.
Step 3
Place the brew basket into the bottom chamber and tightly screw in the top section.
Step 4
Place the stovetop onto the heat source.
Step 5
After a short period of time, the coffee will begin to fill the top chamber of the stovetop.
Step 6
Allow the coffee to fully percolate into the top chamber. You will notice a change in sound as the water level drops. 
Switch off the heat source.
Serve and enjoy.


If you would like your coffee to be "stronger" in body and flavours, try adding a few more grams of coffee to the funnel, but don't overdo it!
If the coffee extraction takes too long (very slow percolation into the top chamber) or you experience bitterness in the cup, you might want to try grinding the coffee a bit coarser or using less coffee in the basket.
Every now and then, you might have to replace the seal and filter of your stovetop; check out our website for available sizes and models!