Syphon Brewing Guide


Syphon is a brewing method for the hands on home barista! The method relies on vapor pressure and vacuum to brew coffee. This type of coffee maker was invented in the 1830s and have since been used in many parts of the world.

What you'll need:
A grinder
A scale 
A syphon brewer
A rekrow Syphon burner for better heat control
A syphon filter
A stirrer
20g of coffee
300mL of water
This recipe is for a Hario Syphon TCA - 3 (3 cups)
The ratio is use is 1 : 15


Step 1
Boil a kettle of filtered water. If you are using a temperature controlled kettle, heat the water to 95 ºC - 96ºC. If not, boil and leave to stand for a few minutes before using it. 
Step 2
Weigh 20 grams of coffee and grind to a medium setting.
Step 3
Wet the filter using hot water. You can let the filter in a cup of hot water for a few minutes.
Place the filter into the upper chamber ensuring it is centered and securely attached to the glass finder by the metal chain.
Step 4
Place the bottom part of the syphon (chamber and holder) on the scale and tare.
Fill the bottom chamber with 300 grams of hot water.
Step 5
Remove from the scale.
Attach the top chamber.
Transfer the syphon to the heat source and start heating up the water.
Step 6
As the water reaches boiling point, it will transfer to the top chamber (which won't take too long as the water is already hot).
When the water transfers to the top chamber, stir it to reduce the bubbling and slightly reduce the heat.
Step 7
Add the 20g of coffee to the water and give it a good stir to make sure the grounds are fully wet.
Step 8
Start the timer and leave it undisturbed a 1 minute.
It should take approximately 2 minutes from this point until the end of the extraction.
Step 9
Turn off the heat source.
Stir gently clockwise and anti clockwise to prevent the coffee from sticking to the sides of the top chamber.
Step 10
Allow the coffee to draw down completely.
Step 11
Remove top chamber. Let coffee cool.

Serve and enjoy. 

Siphon brewed coffee is best once it cools down slightly.
The brew will have a good body, great clarity and high level of aromatics.
We recommend using our light roast single origin beans for this type of brewing.