V60 Pourover Brewing Guide

Pourover is a gentle method of brewing coffee, with just water, coffee and gravity at play this method represents the coffee in a very true form.  You will need coffee beans (single origin lighter roast is recommended), quality burr grinder, filtered water, timer, kettle, mug, Hario V60 dripper (we recommend ceramic).

Step 1
Start with good quality filtered water (bottled NZ Natural is good). Do not use distilled/chlorinated water, or water with such an excessive mineral content that it alters the flavour. Fill your kettle with more than enough water to serve and turn on.

Step 2
While the water heats, weigh out 20 grams of coffee if pouring 2 cups (300mls).  We are currently using the ratio of 1:15 at our pourover bar however according to taste preference 1:13 to 1:17 is acceptable.  The grind setting is medium, but you may adjust according to if the result is under extracted (too coarse) or over extracted (too fine).  Place the filter paper in the dripper and thoroughly rinse with hot water, this will remove any paper taste from the filter paper,  empty the water from the cup or server.

Step 3
Pour the freshly ground coffee into the filter and tap or shake to make it level.  When the water has reached 92 to 96 degrees pour 300 grams of water (we usually weigh it out) into your pouring kettle. Start your timer. Slowly pour just enough water to wet the grind. Your goal is to wet the grounds with as little water passing through as possible.  The coffee will "bloom," or swell up.  At this point you may wish to give your coffee a slight agitation with a stick, this ensures that all the grind is saturated before the main pour starts. 

Step 4
After 20 seconds, slowly pour some more water in a circular or back and forth motion, being careful not to pour all the way to the edge of the ground coffee so that you do not make direct contact with the filter paper.  You want the water to be forced to go through the coffee, it will take the path of least resistance, so if you pour up to the edge of the coffee it will go straight down the side of the filter and not through your coffee. Continue to pour in this way every time the water level drops. Your total brew time should be approximately 2min to 2min 30sec depending on how many mls you are brewing and the moisture/density level of the coffee. 

Step 5
Immediately remove the filter and spent grounds from your dripper and enjoy.