Build your business with better coffee.

Quality & Sustainability

This is achieved by focusing on the highest quality green beans and roasting them with the goal of unlocking their full flavour potential.

The coffee must be traceable and transparent. We are passionate about a sustainable coffee supply model and doing out part for the well-being of the planet through the decisions we make as a business.

Technical Support

Each of our senior team members have all been involved in the different aspects of the coffee industry in New Zealand as well as Canada, Korea, Italy, Brazil, UK and Australia.

Our combined experience is crucial to helping you build your business.

Barista Training

We provide training for staff, from espresso preparation techniques, milk texturing tips, understanding the equipment to cleaning procedures.

Support Local

Loving local and supporting small business is something positive to come out of the pandemic.

Many businesses give the local message but in the same breath we might all be surprised with how many coffee roasteries are now owned by large drinks companies, many with international owners.

By supporting us, you're supporting local, we're in this for the coffee, not market share.

Strong Relationships Produce Better Coffee.

At Espresso Workshop, we actively work to strengthen and pursue longevity in our relationships to develop trust. With over a decade of experience in roasting specialty coffee and successful espresso bars in Auckland, we pride ourselves in our deep understanding of the industry. If this resonates with you, fill in the form below at the bottom of this page, we'd love to have a chat!

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