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Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea -150g

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea -150g

Country: Colombia

Farm Location: Buenos Aires

Varietal: Castillo

Process: Natural


Also known as Coffee Cherry Tea, Cascara is the dried husk from the coffee cherry. When the whole cherry is pulped or milled to remove the bean, the pulped cherry skins are left to dry in the sun.

This is a unique single origin cascara from Colombia that boasts a superior flavour profile compared to other cascara we’ve seen in the market. This cascara comes from a naturally processed coffee, this means the cherry husk ferments with the bean still intact before the skin is removed. This Cascara also differs from the traditional apple and rose flavours, instead offering notes of manuka honey and cherry pie.

In the majority of coffee farms, the coffee cherry husk is regarded as waste. The cherries are often used as compost, or in some places, left to decompose. By purchasing cascara and increasing the supply, we’re not only promoting a waste-free environment, but we’re aiding the producers in finding additional sources of revenue.



We recommend a ratio of 10g tea to 200ml of boiling water (leave the water to rest for a few minutes). Steep the tea for 7-10 minutes. Enjoy!


Make it an iced tea by adding some fresh fruits and steeping the tea for 10-20 minutes. Remove the fruit after that time and refrigerate overnight. Serve it over ice with some fresh fruit, delicious! 

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