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Colombia Santa Maria

Colombia Santa Maria


Region: Huila

Sub-Region: Santa Maria

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 meters above sea level

Varietal: Castillo

Process: Fully Washed

Sizes: 250g / 1kg

Flavours of: Salted Toffee, Chocolate, Red Apple


This coffee is produced by smallholders in Santa Maria, Huila. Their farms are located near Nevado del Huila National Park, a park with an active volcano whose eruptions have deposited nutrient-rich soil in the surrounding area.

Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee renowned for their full body, bright acidity and rich aftertaste, since the early 19th Century. Colombia boasts a wide range of climates and geographic conditions that, in turn, produce their own unique flavours in coffee. This also means that harvest times can vary quite a bit. In fact, between all its different regions, Colombia produces fresh crop nearly all year round.

The increasing focus on the specialty industry is changing the way traders and farmers do business. It is becoming more common for farmers to isolate the highest quality beans in their lots to market separately. These higher quality lots are often sold under specific brands or stories.


Please note that espresso requires micro adjustments and while we test the grind size on our equipment, there is a chance that it will perform differently on your gear. If you've ordered ground espresso from us before, let us know which number you'd like the grind size to be on your order notes. 

If you have not ordered from us before, let us know which machine you have and we will work together to find the grind size that works best for your equipment, if you're not sure, give us a ring on 09 375 1463 or email us at

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